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County Commercial Cars have produced one of the best four-wheel drive machines over the past few decades. Ever since the start in 1950, the products have been far superior than the competition and it was a sad day when the ceased production in 1990.

Back in the early days of the company, they specialised in building crawlers before developing their tractors. Now they have a legendary status and demand a premium, especially the last of the tractors and the flagship 1474 and 1884 models. More recently the marque has become more popular on the restoration scene, competing against the likes of Roadless and Bray.

Enthusiasm hit a high a decade ago, when in 2003 and 2005 the team of County fanatics held a couple of working days in the South West to celebrate the achievements of the manufacturer. Hundreds of tractors from all over the country arrived to work in front of spectators for charity and a good day was had by all. More events like this should be in the pipeline and likely to happen soon.

This website is aimed at collating all the County tractors that are in preservation or still being used for work in one place. It is important to keep a tab on what is left after many have been broken for spares or turned back into Ford skid units.

If you own or run a County we would love to hear from you. We hope to feature as many models with serial numbers as possible and make this the definitive place to find County tractors. We are happy for you to remain anonymous, but all photos of County kit are gratefully received, please use the 'Your Tractor' button for more information.

We look forward to your help in compiling this comprehensive list.


Latest News

Latest Update - 30th December 2015 - Over 500 Tractors.



If you are adding your tractor to the register, please send us a photo as we can't add without one. We have contacted a number of you to request a photo and we hope that you can reply to get your tractors on the register.

A T Osborne finally buys County Tractors name!

Mark Osborne of A T Osborne has just announced they he has been able to secure the County Tractors Ltd name from the previous owner Adrian Tavernor. They are pleased to be able to now own this and their existing County Commercial Cars title.

Mark has also managed to buy the remaining stock of County parts from Kegworth Plant in Dorset. There a number of parts for crawlers and Major based tractors, plus some Hi-Clear and Thames Trader parts totalling around 10t. Please contact Mark on 023 80814340 for more information.


What a success!

After the success of the previous Roadless 90 event, David Leech  teamed with the recently established Blue Force club organised another working day for Ford conversions. Held on the 29th and 30th September at David Leech’s farm between Sleaford and Lincoln, the event attracted 174 tractors and 1200 spectators on the second day to watch a variety of rare machines on show or at work on individual manufacturer ploughing plots. The Saturday saw a local road run around the surrounding areas and Lincolnshire lanes which had 45 participants and many reported a good a route. Sunday saw the timing of the main ploughing staggered so spectators could watch one manufacturer before moving to another without missing any of the action as the site was fairly spread out over the 500 acre site and 320 acres were eventually ploughed throughout the day. The day was finished-off with an entertaining speed ploughing session where a tractor from each manufacturer would go head-to-head against the others in order to finish their plot as quick and cleanly as possible. The winner of this fun event was Martin O’Sullivan from Co. Cork with his County 1454 and impressive six-furrow plough. Martin was also one of the longest travelling participants, in addition to Jim Cadgar from Ellon in Aberdeenshire. Other entrants included a staggering 14 Does and six Northrops which have been rarely seen before. Tractors both original and restored could be seen on the static display being put through their paces.

 The Scottish County club had a number of members on site including Charlie Gray with Frances Richie’s 1454 with push-pull plough combination and Graeme Duncan from Invernie in Aberdeenshire with a very rare County 6610 Four E. As you would expect Mark Osborne was there with his team and a number of tractors including the recently finished 974 and 1174 models, showing-off their handy-work.  This year’s event was certainly an eye-opener and hopefully a taste of what’s to come in the future.


For further details and application forms for the Blue Force Conversions Day please contact David Leech on 01526 320797 or e-mail or




For Sale

County 1184 - 2000 hours, comes with light pods and spare 1184 chassis and Ł1,000 worth of spares.


 0050031119 or 0050055689






County 1184 - Anything considered.


County Clubs

Other County clubs include the Scottish County Club. The independent club was formed in 2002 by a number of County owners and enthusiasts, they have a number of working weekends in Scotland, with the majority of members in the North East.

For more information or to join visit or e-mail


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